Brevard Early
Enrollment Fee Grant!

Pay your enrollment fee now and receive a Brevard Early Enrollment Free Grant of up to $1,500 per year!

The Brevard Early Enrollment Fee Grant is renewable for four years and is an addition to your Half-Tuition Scholarship, Merit Scholarship, Scholarship Day, or other scholarship award!*

If you've visited Brevard College and Brevard College is one of your top 5 college choices, then the admissions office encourages you to pay your enrollment fee.

Paying the enrollment fee also makes you eligible for priority registration at Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) on Saturday, April 15

Pay your $125 enrollment fee today! Enrollment fees are refundable if you notify the admissions office before May 1 (for Fall applicants) and December 1 (or spring applicants).

The deadline to receive the $500 (per year) Brevard Early Enrollment Fee Grant is Saturday, February 11!

*Students who receive the Full-Tuition Scholarship will not receive an additional Brevard Early Enrollment Fee award.


Photo by Daniel Quiceno


Enrollment Fee


Brevard Early Enrollment  Fee Award (per Year)