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Biomedical Engineering Minor

The Biomedical Engineering Minor at Brevard College gives students the foundation they need to think critically and solve biomedical problems. It does this by fusing the fundamentals of medicine, biology, and engineering. Being a multidisciplinary program, you’ll study a wide range of topics and become well-versed in modern-day biomedical research and practices.


At Brevard College, our dedicated faculty will work with you one-on-one as you not only get to study biomedical engineering, but apply what you’re learning with experiential academics and immersive learning. Brevard students graduate prepared to be competitive members of their field with knowledge and applied experience that goes beyond the classroom.


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What you'll experience in the biomedical engineering minor

  • Explore a variety of topics such as pharmaceutical drugs, drug delivery and implantable devices, medical imaging techniques, prosthetics, and bioprosthetics.
  • Answer real-life challenges in the biomedical field through foundational studies as well as current research and experimental techniques.
  • Creatively integrate engineering and medical sciences through direct experiences and problem-solving.
  • Help actively further discovery and research in biomedical engineering specialties such as biomaterials, bioinstrumentation, genetic engineering, biomechanics, and rehabilitation engineering.
  • Discover your interests and skills and personalize your academic journey with flexible courses.

Career Opportunities

  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Physician
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Clinical Engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Bioengineering Researcher
  • Biomaterial Engineer
  • Bioinstrumentation Engineer
  • Genetic Engineer
  • Rehabilitation Engineer

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