Brevard College WLEE Program Receives National Attention


The Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education (WLEE) program at Brevard College received national acclaim during the spring semester.

Associate Professor and Program Coordinator Dr. Will Hobbs received the Certified Outdoor Educator (COE) Award from the Wilderness Education Association in February. Hobbs attended the presentation in person at the International Conference on Outdoor Leadership in Bentonville, AR.

The award is based on a professional’s positive contributions to the WEA curriculum, standards, operations, conferences, and initiatives, as well as their impact on students and colleagues — not just in their own institution, but within the WEA and across the industry. This individual also models the core principles and ideals of a WEA instructor.

Outside Magazine also recently featured the WLEE program on two occasions. First, as one of the top outdoor programs in the United States. The article focused on the program’s commitment to producing marketable skills and Brevard College’s dedication to experiential education. Notably, Brevard College was listed among graduate programs and larger state schools.

“We are so proud of the recent recognition that the WLEE program has received,” said Dr. Jennifer Kafsky, Experiential Education Division Chair at Brevard College. “We are grateful for the contributions that our graduates, students and faculty put into their communities and hope this encourages others to pursue careers in the outdoor industry.”

In addition, Outside Magazine published a story in February about WLEE-alum and once-faculty member, Carl Stanfield, who is attempting to break a world record of the most miles hiked in a year. The story of Stanfield’s journey reflects the shared enthusiasm of WLEE’s students and leaders for the outdoors that captured the attention of the media this semester.

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