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Cabin, Robert

Professor of Ecology/ Environmental Science/ Honors Program Director


Ph.D., University of New Mexico
B.A., Marlboro College

Professional Activities:

Specialties: Agroecology, Conservation Biology, Ecology, Environmental Studies



Restoring Paradise: Rethinking and Rebuilding Nature in Hawaii“ (University of Hawaii Press, 2013).

Intelligent Tinkering: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Practice(Island Press, 2011).


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Recent Journal Articles:

What we Eat and Why it Matters: Voices and Images from North Carolina Small Farmers” (photography by BC student Ashley Lowe) (, 2015)

"Restoring degraded objects: the next best thing to teaching ecological restoration in the field” (Ecological Restoration, 2014)

Science Friction” (Earth Island Journal, 2013)

Paradise Restored(Earth Island Journal, 2013)

“Nature is Dead. Long Live Nature!” (American Scientist, 2013).

Non-native grass removal and shade increase soil moisture and seedling performance during Hawaiian dry forest restoration(Restoration Ecology, 2012).

Feathers, dinosaurs, and behavioral cues: defining the visual display hypothesis for the adaptive function of feathers in non-avian theropods. (Bios, 2011).

Alien plant invasions, introduced ungulates, and alternative states in a mesic forest in Hawaii(Restoration Ecology, 2011).

“Skim this article (or just skip it)” (Chronicle of Higher Education, 2010).

“Bridging Restoration Science and Practice: Results and Analysis of a Survey from the 2009 Society for Ecological Restoration International Meeting(Restoration Ecology, 2010).

Native Species Regeneration Following Ungulate Exclusion and Non-native Grass Removal in a Remnant Hawaiian Dry Forest(Pacific Science, 2010).

Science and restoration under a big, demon haunted tent(Restoration Ecology, 2007).

“Science-driven restoration: A square grid on a round earth?” (Restoration Ecology, 2007).

“Why college can wait” (Chronicle of Higher Education, 2003).

Effects of light, alien grass, and native species additions on Hawaiian dry forest restoration (Ecological Applications, 2002).

Effects of long-term ungulate exclusion and recent alien species control on the preservation and restoration of a Hawaiian tropical dry forest(Conservation Biology, 2000).


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