Personable and Professional

Chapin, Anne

Professor of Art History and Archaeology


Ph.D., UNC at Chapel Hill
M.A., UNC at Chapel Hill
B.A., Duke University

Professional Activities:

International Travel/Study Programs: takes Brevard students to Greece, Egypt, Italy, Bolivia, Peru, and an archaeological excavation on Crete at Gournia.

Professional Affiliations: senior staff of the Gournia excavation.


Has authored numerous articles, book chapters, and books; has edited a book.

Research Interests:

Bronze Age Aegean painting

Academic Conferences:

New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Paris (France), Nicosia (Cyprus), Copenhagen (Denmark), and Vienna (Austria).


Brevard Student Government Association Teaching Award


Contact Information

Phone Number: 828-884-8029


Anne Chapin - BC Faculty