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Frick-Ruppert, Jennifer

Professor of Biology and Environmental Science/ Science and Mathematics Division Chair


Ph.D., Clemson University
B.S., Clemson University


“Waterways: Sailing the Southeastern Coast” (University Press of Florida, 2014).

“Mountain Nature: A Seasonal Natural History of the Southern Appalachians” (UNC Press, 2010).

“Morphology and Behavior of Phausis reticulata (Blue Ghost Firefly)” (Journal of the NC Academy of Science, 2004).

Pisgah Forest Institute’s Earth and Environmental Science for Middle and High School Educators (2007).

“Natural History of the Swamp Forest.” (Website authored for South Carolina Educational Television, 2002).

“Natural History of the Saltmarsh. (Website authored for South Carolina Educational Television, 2001).

“Appalachian Almanac,” Newspaper Column in The Transylvania Times (2001-2004) and The Asheville Citizen-Times (June 2003).

“Preliminary Nutritional Analysis of Lancelets, A Promising Seafood with Aquacultural Potential” (Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology, 2001).

“Endostyle-like features of the dorsal epibranchial ridge of an enteropneust and the hypothesis of dorsal-ventral axis inversion in chordates. (Invertebrate Biology 1999).

“Evidence for matrotrophy in the viviparous holothuroid echinoderm Synaptula hydriformis” (Invertebrate Biology,1998).

“Primordial germ cells and oocytes of Branchiostoma virginiae (Cephalochordata, Acrania) are flagellated epithelial cells: relationship between epithelial and primary egg polarity (1998).

“Primordial germ cells of Synaptula hydriformis (Holothuroidea; Echinodermata) are epithelial flagellated-collar cells: their apical-basal polarity becomes primary egg polarity” (1996).

“Morphology of the ovotestis of Synaptula hydriformis (Holothuroidea, Apoda): an evolutionary model of oogenesis and the origin of egg polarity in echinoderms” (Invertebrate Biology, 1991).

“Reproductive biology, gonadal microanatomy, and parental-embryonic interactions in the viviparous holothurian echinoderm Synaptula hydriformis” (Dissertation, Clemson University, 1995).


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