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Moore, Dan

Associate Professor of Psychology

Throughout Dan's life he thanked his parents for moving to Asheville when he was a very young lad. He went to UNC-Asheville for his undergrad and graduated in 1993 at the age of 40! He went on to work with a wonderful mentor at the University of Tennessee and earned his MA in Psychology in 1997, and his Ph.D. in 1999. His field is Social Psychology with an emphasis in Personality and Relationships. He often tells students that he has lived three distinct lives: In the 70's he played drums in a rock band. Too much fun. In the 80's he built a house by hand and heated with only wood for 7 years, including felling the trees. Eventually he completed my degrees and began his academic years. His “third life” here at BC has been the most rewarding of all.


Ph.D., University of Tennessee
M.A., University of Tennessee
B.A., University of North Carolina - Asheville



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“Behaving badly: Aversive behaviors in interpersonal relationships” (Washington: American Psychological Association, 2001).

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Phone Number: 828-884-8289


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