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Reynolds III, James

Professor of Geology


Ph.D., Dartmouth College
M.A., Dartmouth College
A.B., Dartmouth College


“Add an ‘aging’ tool to your arsenal: Magnetostratigraphy adds a temporal dimension to basin analysis” (AAPG Explorer, 1999).


“Tectonic controls on the evolution of the Andean Cenozoic foreland basin: evidence from fluvial system variations in the Payogastilla Group, in the Calchaquí, Tonco, and Amblayo Valleys, NW Argentina” (forthcoming: Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 2014)

“Age, distribution, tectonics, and eustatic controls of the Paranense and Caribbean marine transgressions in southern Bolivia and Argentina” (Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 2005).

“Subandean thrust and fold belt of northwestern Argentina: Geometry and timing of the Andean evolution” (AAPG Bulletin, 2003).

“La faja plegada y corrida subandina del noroeste Argentino in Suarez Soruco, R., Secuencias precrecimiento y crecimiento, geometria estructural y tiempo de evolución de los Andes” (Revista Técnica de Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fisicales Bolivianos, 2003).

“Magnetostratigraphy of the Quebrada La Porcelana Section, Sierra de Ramos, Salta Province, Argentina: Initial age limits on the regional Neogene lithostratigraphy and uplift of the southern Sierras Subandinas” (Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 2011).

“Middle Miocene tectonic development of the Transition Zone, Salta Province, northwest Argentina: Magnetic stratigraphy from the Metán Subgroup, Sierra de González” (Geological Society of America Bulletin, 2000).

“Estratigrafía del terciario en el noroeste argentino” (Relatorio, XIV Congreso Geológico Argentino, 2001).


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