Personable and Professional

Tiner, Jubal

Associate Professor English/ Chiaroscuro Faculty Adviser


Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
M.A., Iowa State University
B.A., Southwestern College - Kansas


“Atlas” (Press 53 Spotlight Anthology, 2011).

“The Culvert” (Press 53 Spotlight Anthology, 2011).

“The Hunter” (Press 53 Spotlight Anthology, 2011).

“Twins” (Chiaroscuro, 2011).

“Deep Space” (Eureka Literary Magazine, 2007).

“The Culvert” (Timber Creek Review, 2006).

“Pizza Girl” and “Rocky Road” (Chiaroscuro, 2007).

“A Long Slow Roll into Darkness” (Moonshine Review, 2005).

“Pumpkin Guts” (Moonshine Review, 2005).

“Kingston Ashes” (The Dos Passos Review, 2005).

“The Hunter” (Florida Review).

“Steam” (Baltimore Review).

“Country Western Love Music” (Weber Studies: Voices and Viewpoints of the Contemporary West).

“Tilt-a-Whirl” (Oxford Magazine).

“Hoops” (Puerto del Sol).

“No Lick-Spittle Proposition” (Unbound).

“10-Watts” (Jabberwock Review).


Literary Amazonia: Modern Writing by Amazonian Authors (2005).


Independent Publisher Regional and E-Book Award for Fiction in the Midwest (2013)


Contact Information

Phone Number: 828.884.8349


Jubal Tiner - BC Faculty