Personable and Professional

Wallis, Charles

Associate Professor of Mathematics


Ph.D., Clemson University
M.S., Clemson University
B.S., North Carolina State University



“The Partitioned Graph Isomorphism Problem,” (Congressus Numerantium, 1992).

“Some Global Parameters of Graphs,” (Congressus Numerantium, 1992).

“Domination Parameters of Three-Class Association Schemes and Variations of Chessboard Graphs,” (Congressus Numerantium, 1994).

“Combinatorial Problems on Chessboards: A Brief Survey,” (Graph Theory, Combinatorics, and Applications vol. 1: Proceedings of the Seventh Quadrennial International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Graphs, 1995).

“Strong Bondage and Strong Reinforcement Numbers of Graphs,” (Congressus Numerantium, 1995).

“On Permanents of (0,1)-Matrices,” (Congressus Numerantium, 1996).

“On Permanents of Adjacency Matrices of Iterated Line Digraphs,” (Congressus Numerantium, 1997).

“Chessboard Graphs, Related Designs, and Domination Parameters,” (Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 1999).

“Assessing Proportional Thinking,” (Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 2003).

“Domination in Triangulated Chessboard Graphs,” (Congressus Numerantium, 2003).

“Domination and Independence in the Graph of the T3 Association Scheme and Related Chessboard Graphs,” (Congressus Numerantium, 2004).


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