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Half-Tuition & Merit Scholarships

Half-Tuition Scholarships

Brevard College offers Half-Tuition Scholarships to high school students and community college graduates! Please contact the Admissions Office at or call 828.641.0661 and see if you're eligible!

Half-Tuition Scholarships are renewable for 4-years and are awarded to you when you receive an offer of admission.

A Half-Tuition Scholarship is also available to part-time, transfer students seeking teacher licensure in Early Childhood Education.

Merit Scholarships

If you're not eligible for a Half-Tuition Scholarship, then you could be eligible for a Merit Scholarship.

These scholarships range from $11,000 to $13,000 per year and are renewable for 4-years.

Your application for admission serves as your Scholarship Application.

When the Admissions Office receives your application for admission, then your Admissions Counselor will notify you of your Merit Scholarship eligibility.

Apply for Admission (and a Merit Scholarship) today!

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If you have questions, contact the Admissions Office at 828.641.0641 or email

We are happy to help!


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