Brevard Career Advantage

Our purpose is your future.
Our passion is your success.

The Brevard Career Advantage is a four-year, individualized, adaptive career road map for every student. The career map leads them to the career and post-college life to which they aspire. 

An Individualized, Adaptable Road Map for Every Student

This program originated in an academic department. The success was overwhelming.  For those students engaged in this program over the past decade, almost 100% left Brevard College employed in their field of choice, or attending a graduate school of their choosing.

Of those students who chose to go on to graduate studies, most attended with full-ride scholarships or graduate fellowships.

That proven success has led to taking the program campus-wide and naming it Brevard Career Advantage. 

A College-Wide Committment to Career Success for Students

For those of us who work at Brevard College, this is not only our passion, we also view it as a central component of our job.

All faculty and staff are all committed to this program, to student success, to positioning each and every student for the post-college life that most inspires them.

Brevard Career Advantage is more than an app, more than an office, and more that a person. It is a campus wide, one-on-one commitment to career development and success.


The faculty at Brevard College are passionate about helping each student discover themselves, their career and their purpose.  In the midst of an uncertain world, we are committed to actively providing an education that will better prepare students for what is coming next.

Every semester of a student’s time at Brevard College is partially engaged with creating and adjusting this roadmap. This program emerges from our professional passion and commitments, all faculty and every campus life staff member. It is embedded in our curriculum in every major, it is central to our relationships, it is it is part of our culture.

We commit ourselves to it.

We do this by prioritizing relationships, experiences, mentoring, and individualized care.

The Brevard Career Advantage starts when students arrive on campus their first year. They begin working with a personal advisor and First-Year Experience instructor. This process continues every semester until graduation.

This effectively ensures that students are as well-positioned as possible for a career and life of success, meaning, achievement, and happiness.

The first year is all about connecting students to campus and their career path. We do this by leveraging student strengths for success, exploring educational pathways, and connecting with the community to discover passion and purpose.

In year two, we invite each student to clarify and focus on co-designing a set of courses and experiences that will offer evidence of knowledge and expertise related to the student’s chosen field.

In year three, we will put theory to practice and invite students to engage on and off-campus with mentors and potential employers to test their skills and continue to build the strength and tools needed to succeed after graduation.

In year four, we prepare students for launch. In their final year at Brevard College, students work closely with faculty to engage with potential employers, organize applications, refine presentations, and craft communications that express their values, skills, and purpose to potential employers and graduate schools.

"We recognize that College means something different for each individual. We embrace individuality and seek to encourage each student to find a path that will help them succeed."

-President Brad Andrews

"My professor sat down with me, and helped me figure out what I want to do. Then, she worked with me on classes and internships to help me get there."

-Ollie, Brevard College Student

"Dr. Brown in the History program helped me get an internship with the Great Smoky Mountains Association. That internship not only helped me learn more about the Parks Service, it solidified my decision to work there. It's my dream job!"

-Reagan, Brevard College Student


This program gets results.

"The unending support from my faculty for letter writing, phone calls about jobs, references, and resume editing is the only reason that I received the positions I'm in now." - Alex, MFA, Theatre Performance & Pedagogy


of students

engaged in this program have been employed in their field of choice.



Most colleges offer career services and career checklists. These approaches are passive. This program is different. It is an active commitment to an individualized, adaptive career road map for each and every student.