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Tuition & Fees

"Price" and "costs" are two very different things at Brevard College!

You'll see our prices below.

On average, students pay approximately $22,000 per year to attend Brevard College thanks in part to Brevard's generosity.

Your "costs" will vary depending on your eligibility for Brevard College, state, and federal financial aid.

Over $10,000,000 in financial aid is awarded annually to Brevard College students.

2018-19 Brevard College Price

  • Tuition: $28,400
  • Room and Board: $9,900 - $10,800 (depending on residence hall)
  • Fees: $950**

  Total: $39,250



Room and Board figures include a standard room and a 14-meal-a-week plan. Athletics, insurance, and book fees are separate where applicable scholarships and grants are available. Total actual costs per student may vary depending upon room and board selections.

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