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The information contained on Official College Web Pages is provided pursuant to the established teaching, research, and service missions of the College. While the College strives to provide the best information possible, Brevard College makes no representations or warranties, either express or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information provided. All information is provided “as-is”.

By using this website, you agree to abide by this Privacy Policy as well as any other applicable policies.

Brevard College shall not be liable for any damages of any kind, including consequential or incidental damages, arising from the submission, installation, maintenance, transmission, copying, modification, distribution or use of any information/materials.

Links to Internet resources outside of the domain are provided solely for the convenience of those viewing College Web Pages. Provision of these links is in no way an endorsement of the linked sites by Brevard College, nor is Brevard College in any way responsible for the content and/or operation of these sites.

Unofficial Web Pages (including, but not limited to personal web pages of BC students, employees, and officially recognized BC student organizations) residing on BC servers do not in any way constitute official College content. The views, opinions, and content of these pages are strictly those of the page author(S), and Brevard College.

Consistent with the Brevard College Web Page Policy, the authors of Official College Web Pages and Unofficial Pages represent to Brevard College that all aspects of these pages comply with applicable state and federal law (including, but not limited to copyright, patent and trademark) and BC policy. Brevard College reserves the right to modify and/or delete web pages/web content without notice. Basis for such modification/deletion includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

  1. Out-of-date content;
  2. IT Resource Use Concerns;
  3. IT Security Concerns;
  4. The web page and/or its content is in violation of law or University policy

Oversight of College Web content will be consistent with the First Amendment.

Brevard College does not guarantee that the system will function error-free or without interruption.

Copyright and Trademark

Brevard College retains the copyright to all Official College Web Pages as permitted by the BC Copyright policy and applicable law. Brevard College retains all rights to its trade and service marks. It is the responsibility of all parties storing materials on web sites with a BC domain address to ensure that such material is lawfully used and does not violate applicable BC computer policies.


Brevard College is committed to protecting the privacy and accuracy of confidential information submitted by employees, students, and visitors to our Web site. This website uses cookies. The information gathered is used to improve web services for our users. Google Analytics uses a browser cookie to gather and process data related to your browsing behavior on BC websites. Data typically collected includes IP address, network location, hostname, web pages requested, referring web page, browser used, screen resolution, date and time. No personal information is stored within cookies. Additionally, cookies may be used in conjunction with Internet advertising. The university uses Google, Facebook and other services to deliver advertisements across the Internet, and these ads may be targeted based on a user’s prior visits to specific areas of our site. If you choose, you may opt out of this feature by turning off cookies in your browser preferences or downloading a browser extension to block cookies.

Public Forums

Units of Brevard College may provide chat rooms, forums, message boards, and news groups for their users. Any information that is disclosed in these areas may become public information and a user should therefore exercise caution when deciding to disclose one's personal information in such places. Chat sessions and discussion forums may be logged.


BC departments are allowed to provide online options for the selling of products, payments for services and collection of donations. Consumers will generally be directed to a non-BC website to process their payments as normal protocol. The various payment methods in place across campus are required to be approved prior to implementation to ensure secure handling procedures are in place. Consumers should be cautious when providing personal information like a credit/debit card number if they are utilizing a public workstation/device or public internet/wifi connection. Public workstations and internet connections are not always secure and subject to increased risk.

Information We Gather

Our Web servers generate temporary logs that contain the following information:

  • Internet Address of Computer Being Used
  • Web Pages Requested
  • Referring Web Page
  • Browser Used
  • Date and Time

The data is used in aggregate by system administrators and Web content managers to tune the Web site for its efficiency and is not ordinarily associated with specific individuals. Summary reports produced from the logs help Web administrators to determine what Web browsers and pages are most popular.

The Way We Use Information

The my.brevard portal requires clients to login using their BC username and passphrase. Client information is used to route the requested Web page and specific content to your computer for viewing. Essential and nonessential technical information helps us respond to your request in an appropriate format [or in a personalized manner] and helps us decipher technical difficulties.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to update and amend our Privacy Policy as needed. A current version of the Privacy Policy will be posted on this Web site.

Contacting Us and Reporting Misconduct

For more information or to report any misconduct or abuse of this Web site, please email or contact the university help desk at 828-884-8303.



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