Study Abroad/Study Away Program at Brevard

Brevard College recognizes the substantial benefits which students can gain from study-abroad experiences.

Brevard plans and sponsors international educational experiences. With prior approval, you may participate in international educational experiences sponsored by other institutions and transfer academic credits to Brevard.

Anywhere! Brevard College has established consortium agreements! You can participate in international experiences sponsored by other institutions or organizations. You must have prior approval in order to transfer credits towards degree completion.

Different programs may have different prerequisites, both for academic status and minimum GPA. Please look at individual programs for details.

Typically, you study abroad either during the second semester of your sophomore year, the fall semester of your junior year, or during summer breaks.

Short-term faculty-led trips are typically scheduled for holiday breaks or summer.

If you receive financial aid from Brevard College, the Financial Aid Office will process your aid for use on campus, summer school, or study abroad. They will also establish consortium agreements with any study abroad programs who are participants. The only financial aid applicable for study abroad is federal and state aid, including Pell Grants and Stafford Loans.
Scholarships and aid received directly from Brevard College or a particular department cannot be used for study abroad. Also, you must be participating in a semester program where you will earn six credit hours or more. Short-term learning trips do not qualify.
When you have decided on a particular program and have questions about using financial aid, take your program information to the Financial Aid Office and they will assist you. Once the agreement is set up and the funds are processed, aid will be refunded directly to the student. It is then your responsibility to pay the study abroad program.
Once you decide on a program, you will need to meet with Nacole Potts-Hardwick.
Once you have met with Nacole Potts-Hardwick, you will meet with your advisor to discuss your plans to study abroad. Next, the Registrar and Financial Aid offices will confirm that the appropriate items are in place for you to study abroad. 
If you are interested in participating in a Brevard College faculty-led trip, contact the individual faculty member in charge for more information. Make sure you meet the requirements (if any) beforehand. Some offerings may have prerequisite coursework. 

We're here to help!

If you have questions about Study Abroad/Study Away, please contact Nacole Potts-Hartwick at or call 828.641.0325.


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