Your partners
in Success!

It's all about people.

Brevard College cares about you and your success.

We offer you a Student Success Team composed of highly-trained, educated professionals who care about you.

You, the student, are your success, are all that matters at Brevard. A one-one-one, highly personalized, caring Student Success Teams will work with you to help you overcome potential barriers and help you accomplish your academic and career goals.

Success Mentors

All first-year students are assigned a Success Mentor. The role of the Success Mentor is to work with you and ensure that you have a successful first-year at Brevard. Success, for Brevard, is defined by you having a challenging, engaging, and fun experience at Brevard.

Student SUCCESS Resources

Resources are abound at Brevard! Your Success Mentor and your Student Success Team is complimented by a host of student success resources.

On a small campus like Brevard, these resoures are easy to access and all invovled are focused on you and your well being.

The First Year Experience (FYE) course is taken in the first semester at Brevard College and is designed to help you navigate the intricacies of becoming a successful college student.  

The class focus is on helping you become engaged in the BC community, build familiarity with campus resources and processes, and examine their attitudes and aptitudes as they take on the responsibilities of being a member of this special, close knit community, 

Brevard College utilizes peer mentoring  as a way to build social and life skills, creating a solid foundation for success 

You'll write in college. Alot.

An extension of the ELC's Learning Consultants, the Writing Center focuses on helping you improve you writing and research skills

Learning Consultants are current students who've excelled academically. They'll help you improve your understanding of course material, practice your academic skills, develop study habits, proofread your writing, and aid in meeting your academic goals. 

Tutoring services are included in general fees for all Brevard College students.  

Student Accessibility Services works alongside you if you have  documented disabilities. They'll ensure that you are provided with reasonable accommodations, fostering an accessible and hospitable learning environment, and promoting student responsibility and self-advocacy.  

Academic Progress Program (APPS) is designed to help you succeed. This program works closely with students who may have academic deficiencies. 

If you're offered Conditional Admission to Brevard College, you'll automatically enroll in the APPS program. We want to help you succeed!

Time management, study skills, and how to prepare for exams are a few skills you'll learn in the APPS program.

Brevard College utilizes the Early Alert System to identify academic or social issues that you may have.

This approach allows you, the Student Success Team, and your professors to work together to tackle barriers, increase the student retention rate, and lead to an overall positive experience for the student.  

Your Student Success Team

We're here to help you succeed! If you have questions about your Student Success Team or Student Success resources, please contact Angie Mascaro, Director of Academic Coaching, at or call 828.641.0513.


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