Dorms are comfortable, safe, and fun!

Living on campus is an experience that you'll treasure. You'll make lifelong friends, enjoy the camaraderie, and have easy access to your classes, the dining hall, concert hall, and athletic fields.

Beam Residence Hall

Beam Residence Hall is a cozy spot with a prime location. Myer’s Dining Hall is across the street. A/C is installed in each of the rooms, and all rooms have updated the WiFi.

Plus, most of your classes are a short walk of less than 5 minutes.

You’ll share a bathroom with your suitemates, stretch out in your extra-long twin bed, and enjoy exceptional student life programming that will have you making friends, having fun, and making those lasting memories.

Jones Hall

Jones Hall houses both first-year and upper-class students. Jones Hall is divided into "West Jones" and "East Jones." Jones features suite-style residence hall rooms, and offers some of the best views on campus!

Stanback Hall

Stanback Hall offers second, third, and fourth-year students suite-style rooms, traditional hall bathrooms, study rooms, a shared kitchen, and some of the best views on campus!

The tour guide in this video is Sweezy, a warm, loving, and kind-hearted student who was well known on campus and in the community. Sweezy left this life, and we miss him deeply. Brevard has a "Sweezy Day" where the campus community is encouraged to "Love Like Sweezy." The intent of this video is to both inform you of Stanback Hall and to honor our beloved friend.

The Villages

The Villages offer second, third, and fourth-year students apartment and town-home style living arrangements.

You will enjoy the shared community of the Villages and the feel of an off-campus apartment that's conveniently located on campus. They also feature several inviting outdoor community spaces connecting the residents.

Where do I live on campus?

Beam and Jones Halls are the residence halls for first-year students. Both residence halls have "suites" that share a bathroom with the neighboring room.

You can room with anyone who is a first-year student and has the same gender identity. You may request specific roommates through the Housing Form

Transfer students live in Stanback Hall, and can live with current students in the Villages, per request.

What does Brevard College provide?

An amazing residence hall experience, of course!

Brevard College provides two beds, two mattresses, two closets, two desks, and two desk chairs.

You should bring in your own fridge, microwave, decorations, and TV.

Please leave the following at home: plug-ins, toaster ovens, and candles, anything with an open flame or hotplate. Please leave alcohol, drugs, alcohol/drug paraphernalia, knives, weapons, nerf guns, water guns, mini AC’s, heated blankets, and humidifiers at home.

Can I request roommates and suitemates?

You can request roommates and suitemates on your Housing Form.

Can I live off-campus?

Residence Life must approve your request to live off-campus. Please complete the Request to Live Off-Campus Form. The criteria for living off-campus includes:

  • You are legally married and have a marriage certificate.
  • You commute daily from the primary home of your legal guardians within a 50-mile radius of Brevard College.
  • You are legally responsible for someone else and have documentation demonstrating this responsibility (through court order, power of attorney, etc.)
  • You have a documented medical exemption (explained more fully below) and/or
  • You meet the following eligibility requirements:
    • You have a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or higher,
    • You are free from Academic and/or Disciplinary Probation.
    • You have completed six semesters living on campus.
    • If you are a Student-Athlete, you must also have written approval from the Athletic Director.
  • Due to limited space availability and student housing configurations, Brevard College does not offer housing for students with spouses and/or families.

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