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Residence Halls for First Year Students

Beam Residence Hall

Ritz-Carlton once called Beam Residence Hall, “a model for luxurious living, amenities, and hospitality that we all should strive to become.” Just kidding.

Beam Residence Hall is a cozy spot with a prime location. You can enjoy Sarj’s signature dishes at Myer’s Dining Hall across the street or be first in line at President Joyce’s house for the annual Christmas Celebration, “Joyce to the World.”

Plus, most of your classes are a short walk of less than 5 minutes.

You’ll share a bathroom with your suite mates, stretch out in your extra-long twin bed, and enjoy exceptional student life programming that will have you making friends, having fun, and making those lasting memories.

Beam Residence Hall has "mountain style air conditioning." That means, when it's hot, open the windows! (In other words, Beam Residence Hall does not have air conditioning.)

Jones Hall

Jones Hall houses both first-year and upper-class students. Jones Hall is divided into "West Jones" and "East Jones."

  •  West Jones features air conditioning and suite-style residence hall rooms.
  • East Jones houses first-year students in suite-style rooms with a sink in the room and a shared bathroom space.
  • East Jones has "mountain air conditioning." That is, when it's hot open the windows! (In other words, East Jones
    does not have air conditioning.)

Residence Halls for Second, Third, and Fourth Year Students

StanBack Hall

Stanback Hall is the newest residence hall on campus. (But not for long! Plans for a new residence hall are in the works!)

This residence hall offers second, third, and fourth year students suite style rooms, traditional hall bathrooms, study rooms, a shared kitchen, and the some of the best views on campus!


The Villages

The Villages offer second, third, and fourth year students apartment and town-home style living arrangements.

Students enjoy the shared community of the Villages and the feel of an off-campus apartment that's conveniently located on campus.

The  Villages also offer outdoor space and kayak storage.

Green Hall

President Joyce once called Green Hall, "sturdy."

Modeled after George Vanderbilt's French Renaissance chateau in Asheville, Green Hall offers adventurous second, third, and fourth year students a private room, hall bathroom, and parking that's close by.

Air-conditioning is provided by opening up the windows and allowing that mountain breeze to flow in. (There's no A/C in Green Hall.)