Donor Recognition

Brevard College values the support
of all our donors.

In appreciation and recognition of this support, the college has a number of giving societies, representing annual, lifetime, and planned gifts. These recognitions celebrate the generosity of those who give to make the Brevard College experience attainable for so many students.

  • Lifetime Giving (2)

    Lifetime Giving Circles

    Cognosce ut Prosis Circle

    Named for the college’s motto, which translates to “Learn In Order to Serve,” the Cognosce ut Prosis Circle recognizes the highest level of lifetime philanthropy. These generous donors believe so strongly in the mission of the college that they have given over $1 million in lifetime gifts.

    Rutherford Circle

    “Rutherford” comes from Rutherford College, one of the three institutions merged as Brevard College in 1934. Members of the Rutherford Circle have made cumulative lifetime gifts in excess of $500,000.

    Weaver Circle

    “Weaver” refers to Weaver College, an institution founded in 1853 that merged with two other institutions in 1934 to become Brevard College. Those in the Weaver Circle have made lifetime gifts that total over $250,000.

    Institute Circle

    “Institute” references the third school to merge in 1934, the Brevard Institute, which stood on the grounds now the home to Brevard College. Members of the Institute Circle have given over $100,000 in cumulative lifetime gifts.

  • Annual

    Annual Giving Societies

    Donors help this college continue to be an institution of opportunity for students. Most of our students receive financial aid, which simply would not be possible without the support and dedication of our generous alumni and friends. In addition, there are eight clubs and societies that recognize donors who support Brevard College with annual gifts, both restricted and unrestricted. 

    • Coltrane Society: $50,000 and Greater
    • Taylor Society: $25,000 to $49,999
    • Abernethy Society: $10,000 to $24,999
    • Trowbridge Society: $5,000 to $9,999
    • President's Society: $2,000 to $4,999
    • Brevard Society: $1,000 to $1,999
    • Stone Arch Club: $500 to $999
    • King’s Creek Club: $100 to $499
    • Bell Tower Club: Up to $100
  • Sims Society

    Sims Society

    The Sims Society recognizes those who have generously included Brevard College in their estate plans. For more information on the Sims Society, visit the Planned Giving page or contact Pat Wagner,  Vice President, Alumni Affairs and Development at 828-641-0322

Thank you

to all of our donors!