Small Classes.
Big Impact.

We work with each student and family, one-on-one, to make Brevard affordable.

We take an individualized approach to scholarships and financial aid.

Your Admissions Counselor serves as your advocate, and will work with you and your family on making Brevard affordable

Your application for admission will get you started. You'll receive a large, 5-figure scholarship if you receive an offer of admission. Then, we'll add on to it from there.

The Building Blocks of Affordability

Full-tuition Scholarships

Merit Scholarships

Experiential Classroom

Scholarship Competitions

Early Enrollment Fee Awards

Institute for Women in Leadership (IWIL) Awards

Honors Program Scholarships

Music Scholarships

Musical Theatre Scholarships

Theatre Scholarships

Financial Aid Appeals

Visual Arts Scholarships

Federal & State Grants (FAFSA)

The Yellow Ribbon Program

Loans & Payment Plans

Additional Resources

Additional Tools & Resources

Net Price Calculator

students in an office discussion


Your Admissions Counselor is your advocate.

The Admissions Counselors' job is to ensure that you're the right fit, and that you will be successful. You can reach your Admissions Counselor at 828.641.0641



Number of Scholarships awarded to each student! 





Awards are individualized. You'll work one-on-one with Brevard and create a personalized financial aid award.