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Honors Program

The purpose of the Brevard College Honors Program is to continually challenge students to reach their highest potential as a scholar, leader, community member, and human being. In addition to emphasizing self-exploration and outstanding individual academic work, the program is designed to cultivate in students good leadership, communication, and collaboration skills.

The mission of the Brevard College Honors Program is to provide a community-centered, enhanced academic experience for students. The program strives to produce leaders who want to collaborate in the endeavor of transforming themselves and the world.

  • Scholarship Opportunity: Each student admitted to the Honors Program is eligible for the Honors Program Scholarship (see below).
  • Academic Rigor: Honors Program students have exclusive access to interdisciplinary courses that faculty custom design to challenge our high-achieving students. Honors Courses are offered each semester. Recent offerings include: ENG 399H: Cold War Literature and Culture; BIO 399H: The Little Things That Run the World; WLE 399H: Forests, Parks, and Wilderness; HIS 399H: Culture Wars in the Modern Age; SCI 399H: Let There Be Light
  • Program Events: Honors students have the opportunity to attend exclusive program events, such as the annual dinner reception, panel discussions, the Food for Thought Forum, cohort-building activities, etc.
  • Leadership: Honors students are able to develop leadership opportunities by serving as peer leaders, teaching assistants, tutors, and more. Fulfilling such leadership roles is a major aspect of the Honors Program.
  • Mentoring: Honors students are coached and mentored by the caring and talented faculty who teach Honors courses. Honors students can also meet with the Honors Program director, who can advise about course offerings, career aspirations, etc.

Incoming students with a high school GPA (unweighted) above 3.5 are eligible to apply. Returning students and transfer students are eligible to apply if they have not exceeded 50 hours of academic credit at the time of application. Students who have exceeded that threshold may still apply, but they will need to submit to the Honors Program coordinator a program admission exemption form. Additionally, returning and transfer students must have a cumulative career GPA above 3.6 in order to be eligible for admission. The admissions deadline each academic year is May 1. All applicants will apply via the application form on the Honors Program website. The Honors Program Committee will then review all applications. Upon acceptance, the student will need to begin to fulfill the checklist, beginning with the 100-level Honors Seminar sequence.

Upon successful admission to the Honors Program, students (excluding non-resident Honors students) will be eligible to receive the Honors Program Scholarship. The Honors Program director and president and vice president of admissions and financial aid will collectively select recipients based on metrics of merit (i.e., strength of application) and financial need.


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