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Learn by Doing

Brevard's mission, rooted in experiential learning, gives students the opportunity to apply what they have learned!

Academic Programs

Faculty care about your success.

Whether you know what you want to study or are still figuring it out, Brevard College will help you connect what you're passionate about now with a real-world career in the future. You'll feel supported with 1-on-1 career planning assistance and access to a multitude of on-campus and off-campus field experience.


College in the South for Undergraduate Teaching


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Brevard College Majors

Business & Organizational Leadership
Childhood Education
Computer Science
Criminal Justice
Environmental Studies
Exercise Science
Health Science
Healthcare Professions
Integrated Studies
Music Education
Musical Theatre
Physical Education & Recreation
Wilderness Leadership & Experiential Education

Brevard College Graduate Programs

Brevard College offers graduate programs that complement your undergraduate degree.

Emergency Management
Health & Human Performance
Master's of Business Administration

Minors & Concentrations

Brevard College offers minors, concentrations, emphasis, and teacher licensure programs to create an education that can meet your goals.

Minors & Concentrations
Graduate with your degree and a Job Offer

Brevard Career Advantage

Brevard faculty and staff partner with you to help you discover and prepare for your dream job!

Brevard is affordable!

Full-Tuition Scholarships

Compete for a Full-tuition and other scholarships at a Scholarship Competition on Saturday, May 25

Committed to your sucess

One-on-one approach to student success.

Relationships across campus ensure a supportive environment.

Commitment to Affordablity

We'll work with you and your family.

Visit campus, and we'll talk with you, one-on-one, about how to make Brevard College affordable.

Start a Meaningful & Worthwhile Career

If you've got a dream career, we'll connect you with the right major. If you've got a dream major, we'll connect you with the right career. Not sure at all? Brevard College is one of the top small schools in the nation for Undecided Students to forge a meaningful career path.

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