Careers after College

Brevard's Career-Focused Approach

True success relies so much on connecting your passions with your occupation. At Brevard College, we offer career guidance, resources, and support every step of the way.

Career Exploration, Advising, & DevelopmenT

You can do anything with a degree from Brevard College

The Office of Career Exploration, Advising, & Development is here to help you turn your degree into an exciting and worthwhile career.

The great work by Career Services is further enhanced by a 100%, campus-wide commitment to career development called Brevard Career Advantage.


Any Career with a Degree from Brevard

Our experiential academics ensure that, no matter your discipline, you'll be equipped with the job-ready skills and situational experience that employers want most.


Guidance and Resources for Career Planning

Our Career Services help align your major with the right career paths, while connecting you with vital internship opportunities and other field experience.

Top College

For Students who are Undecided

The #1 Major at Brevard College is Undecided-that's why we provide such extensive resources and support to help you choose a meaningful career path.

Brevard's majors can prepare you for almost any career! Below is what you'd major in at Brevard to help you accomplish your career goals:



Physician Assistant:




Physical Therapist:

Graphic Designer:


A degree from Brevard College allows you to pursue almost any career including....


  • Physician/Doctor
  • Physical Therapist
  • Physician Assistant
  • Veterinarian
  • Nurse
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Dentist
  • Orthodontist
  • Neuroscientist
  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Mental Health Counselor

Graphic Designer

Business Owner

Marketing Manager

Content Writer


Outdoor Guide/Outdoor Industry


College Professor

Museum Curator


Art Therapist

Get Career Ready

The Office of Career Exploration, Advising, Development, and Support can help you identify and promote the skills that Brevard provides and employees want.

Choosing Your Path

With an entire Office dedicated to helping students plan for life after Brevard, you'll be sure to get the guidance and resources you need to get a serious headstart on your career.


Individualized Career Readiness
  • Receive individualized assessment and counseling to help you pick a major and decide on career interests.
  • Discover career options, research study abroad opportunities, explore posted employment and internships, and get your individual career choice on track. Research graduate schools and access prep materials for free.
Fundamental Career Skills
  • Sit in on free workshops and job fairs like "How to Write a Resume," "Graduate School Prep," "Summer Job and Camp Fair,"  "BC's Grad Fair," "Networking 101," and "Career Competencies Employers Really Want."
  • Schedule mock job interviews with staff to practice your technique and get live feedback.

Summer & Semester Internships

While any major you study at Brevard will thrive upon experiential education, the next step in this journey begins with on-the-job experience in your field. Nestled in a rapidly growing Western NC, Brevard will grant you access to all of the rewarding internship opportunities across multiple industries.

Summer Internships

Students often opt for summer internships, because they can focus primarily on their internship without the dual commitment of classes and study time. Summer, however, is usually the most competitive time for internship applications. Brevard will help you find the best opportunities for your industry and schedule.

Semester Internships

While semester internships require juggling classwork with job experience, it's often easier to get accepted for your first or second-choice internship during the fall and springtime. Brevard will help you plan the best semester for incorporating an internship so that you'll be able to excel both in and out of the classroom.

Alumni Stories

Brevard College Degrees take alumni near and far

No matter your discipline, Brevard College's experiential education combined with a focus on job-ready skills will equip you with the skill set that every employer is looking for.

Brevard College Alumna is Environmental Leader at Apple
Brevard College Alumni Artists Recognized in Bold Life Magazine
Fine Arts
Alumnus Profile: Willie Jones, Fellow: The Duke Endowment
Environmental Science
Brevard College Alumna Makes an Impact on a Local Community
Business & WLEE
Alumnus Reflects on Path from Student to Public Servant
Health Sciences
Not sure what you want from your career?

Brevard is an excellent choice for Undecided Students!

The Brevard College Office for Career Exploration, Advising, Development, and support can help you...

  • Learn what motivates you
  • Evaluate your career interest
  • Assess your personality
  • Rate your skills
  • Map your career path
  • Research career possibilities
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Post a Job or Internship

The Office of Career Exploration, Advising, Development, and Support can assist you with employee recruitment and hiring. We welcome the opportunity to connect you to our students and alumni and are pleased to market your jobs and internships to our talented pool of applicants.  To list an internship or job, post it here on the Brevard College Job Board.

Graduate with a degree and a Job!

Brevard Career Advantage

Brevard faculty and staff partner with you to help you discover and prepare for your dream job!

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Commitment to Affordablity

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