Annual Fund

Brevard College continues to be the school of opportunity in the mountains and the majority of students receive financial assistance to make their education more affordable and attainable. Your support of the annual fund makes it possible for the next generation of Brevard College students to learn in order to serve.

Contributions to the Annual Fund help support student scholarships, experiential education, and the kinds of hands-on learning that define the Brevard College experience.


Your Gift Matters


Rebeccah Rojas, Class of 2021

“So many opportunities would not have been achievable without the help of my scholarship while attending Brevard College. Scholarship recipients like myself are offered a campus hosted with the staff and professors who support and motivate students to maximize their full potential.”

Shannon Summit

Shannon Summitt, Class of 2019

"To me, a scholarship gives a message of hope. It means that someone believes I am capable of great things. When I've hit obstacles in my college career, it's been encouraging to know that someone out there believes that I'm worthy of being invested in. The scholarships I've been given are investments in not just my education, but my dreams and passions too!"

Double Your Impact

So many of our alumni and friends are connected to employers that will match charitable contributions, even those made by a spouse or retired employees. Your gift to the Brevard College Annual Fund can increase dramatically if you include your company’s gift matching form. For questions about matching gifts and the annual fund, contact Megan Shina, Manager of Annual Giving.