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Pay Your Enrollment Fee, Receive a grant, &
Reserve your spot!

Pay your Enrollment Fee today and receive an Early Enrollment Fee Grant!

The date your pay your Enrollment Fee determines the amount of your Early Enrollment Fee Grant!

  • Pay your Enrollment Fee by Saturday, November 19 a receive a $1,500 per year Early Enrollment Fee Grant!

Your Enrollment Fee also...

  • Reserves your spot in the incoming new student class.
  • Secures your scholarship awards.
  • Allows you to register for and attend priority class registration at Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) where you will register for classes. 

Your Enrollment Fee is $125!

For Spring new students, the Enrollment Fee is $125, if paid before December 12. After December 14, the Enrollment Fee increases to $250.

Enrollment fees are refundable until May 1 for Fall semester applicants and December 1 for Spring semester applicants.  To receive a refund, the student must notify the Admissions Office in writing by these dates.

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If you have questions, contact the Admissions Office at 828.641.0641 or email

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An EARLY ENROLLMENT FEE GRANT When you pay your $125 Enrollment Fee!