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Apply Now!

We're accepting applications for the Spring and Fall 2020 semesters! Apply for admission today, and we'll notify you of an admissions decision and scholarship award within 72-hours. 

Scholarship Day Saturday, Decemeber 14

Scholarship Day on Saturday, December 14 gives you an opportunity to learn more about Brevard's experiential approach to teaching and learning, gain insider tips on how to maximize your financial aid award, and interview for valuable scholarships!

Visit Brevard College

The campus visit is the best way to determine if you see yourself at Brevard College. Allow time to visit one of the hundreds of waterfalls located near campus.

Classrooms without Walls

Experiential education extends the classroom. King’s Creek on campus, nearby national forests, the Town of Brevard, and other countless resources on and around campus become laboratories, research centers, and internship sites.  


Best Undergraduate Teaching