The Heart
of Learning

The J.A. Jones Library &
Experiential Learning Commons (ELC)

The James Addison Jones Library is front-and-center as visitors enter campus, a testament to Brevard’s commitment to knowledge and learning.


The J.A. Jones Library is more than a warehouse of books and information. It is a vibrant and active learning center where students collaborate or work independently, discovering new ideas and building a deeper understanding of classroom content.


Library highlights include:

  • New furnishings and technology to support study and experiential projects.
  • Friendly librarians and staff to help students succeed.
  • Modern collections including over 300,000+ ebooks (and 50,000 print books), 25,000+ streaming video and audio resources, 36,000+ journal titles, and the ability to borrow from other libraries worldwide. Electronic resources always available from the library website, on or off campus.
  • Equipment check-out for work and fun: GoPro cameras, laptops and tablets and more.


Access resources and find out more about the library by following the links below:






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