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Apply test optional if you believe your standardized tests scores are not a true representation of your academic potential.

Test Optional Application Responses

You have decided that your standardized test scores are not a true representation of your academic potential. Therefore, you have opted for your scores to not be considered as part of your application for admission to Brevard College. To help us learn more about you, please provide answers to three questions. Answer the first two questions and select your third question from the list of options. These questions are designed to help you highlight your strengths and passion to the admission committee.

If applying Test Optional, please answer the following two questions:

Tip: You can compose your essay in a text editor, such as Microsoft Word, then copy and paste it into the text box provided.

Potential Indication

Your decision to apply to Brevard College without using standardized test results as part of your profile demonstrates that you believe your test scores do not adequately represent your ability and/or potential. Please describe what is indicative of your potential and why you believe this is so. Please make your response approximately 500 words.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is at the heart of a Brevard College education. It requires openness to new experiences, an ability to reflect deeply, and a willingness to adjust one's thinking in response to the experiential learning. Describe a significant learning experience and how it helped you to challenge a basic belief or viewpoint and opened your mind to new ways of thinking or acting. Please make your response approximately 500 words.

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Significant Experience

At Brevard College, the idea of learning from experience will be a central part of your education and development. Please describe a significant experience from your life that has been most pivotal in helping you to develop to become the person that you are today. Please make your response approximately 500 words.

Learning Community

At Brevard College you will have the opportunity to be a vital part of diverse learning communities that are formed in a variety of ways (field work in major classes, athletic teams, clubs, service groups, or musical ensembles). Describe a recent experience in which you were part of a learning community. Share specific ways that you contributed to the group and any unexpected challenges and benefits that came from this experience. Please make your response approximately 500 words.

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We want to know more about you so tell us your story. Please make your response approximately 500 words.

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