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Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies program utilizes an immersive, experiential model that extends the classroom into dynamic outdoor settings. You'll explore ecological concepts, research methods, and sustainability issues through hands-on learning in the diverse natural environments surrounding campus.

This program focuses on preparing you for your post-graduation career by presenting you with a wide variety of topics, tools, and experiences through collaboration, applied discovery, and reflective learning.

As an Environmental Studies student, you'll engage with core courses focusing on real-world environmental issues and specialize in a concentration of coursework focusing on natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, biology, chemistry, ecology, agricultural production and the environmental, and social aspects of sustainable food systems.

You'll engage in experiential learning opportunities across a variety of settings, including analyzing water quality through aquatic invertebrate research in the university's King's Creek, exploring the diverse flora of Shining Rock Wilderness in the Pisgah National Forest, and discovering sustainable living practices through community immersion projects with local partners.


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About the Environmental Studies Program

Through hands-on training in authentic environments, you'll gain practical skills, apply academic knowledge, and develop a deeper understanding of ecological concepts, research methods, and sustainability issues. These experiential programs enable you to collaborate, problem-solve, and construct new meaning, empowering you to become a reflective, motivated learners.

Graduates from the Environmental Science Program go on to:  
  • Run their own sustainable businesses
  • Work as environmental consultants, research scientists, and park rangers
  • Farm using sustainable agricultural principles and practices
  • Earn graduate degrees in Biology, Ecology, Geographic Information Systems, and Environmental Law

Brevard College graduates have proven that you can do anything with an Environmental Science degree. Below is a list of job titles of graduates from Brevard's Program:

  • Lawyer
  • Wildlife Biologist
  • Veterinarian Technician 
  • Soil and Plant Life Biologist
  • Energy Auditor
  • Teacher (primary and secondary)
  • Farm Owner
  • Conservationist
  • Park Ranger
  • Erosion Control Manager
  • County Recycling Services Manager
  • Your faculty are experts in their fields. You’ll work one-on-one with your professors who are published, scholars and researchers to discover your environmental niche.
  • The Environment Studies classroom has no walls. You’ll experience a variety of classroom settings as we extend learning from the classroom into the community and surrounding landscapes. Here, you will gain practical skills and deepen your conceptual knowledge as we learn in and from places such as the expansive Pisgah Forest and our college’s own beautiful King’s Creek.
  • You’ll conduct research and experience internships. You’ll conduct research on an environmental topic that you are passionate about and will work to make connections with local and regional environmental professionals. Here, you will be able to put to use the skills you have gained in the program to protect our planet.
  • You’ll make a positive impact on the natural world. You’ll work with and learn from cutting-edge environmental professionals and help the college and town of Brevard solve real-world environmental problems which will prepare you for real-world environmental careers and global citizenship.

Environmental Studies majors receive a  Bachelor of Science (BS) in Environmental Studies. The Science Concentration emphasizes courses in environmental science and related fields such as biology, chemistry, and ecology.

"I highly recommend Brevard for the opportunity to expand your thinking, enlighten your experience and to grow as a person."

- Cynthia 
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