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Brevard College has closed the Full-Tuition Scholarship application for new students entering the Fall, 2024 semester.

Please contact the Admissions Office, if you'd like to discuss college affordability, scholarships, and financial aid.

Application for a Full-Tuition Scholarship

Compete for the Full Tuition Scholarship at a Scholarship Competition!

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates for a Full-Tuition Scholarship must have a 3.75 unweighted, cumulative GPA in a college preparatory curriculum, a 1200 SAT (Math and Reading), 25 ACT (composite), or equivalent test optional score.

Completion of the Full-Scholarship application does not guarantee an interview for the Full-Tuition Scholarship.

The recipient of the Full-Tuition Scholarship must exhibit an unequivocal institutional fit, willingness to take-on leadership roles on campus, and willingness to actively represent and support Brevard College.

To receive a Full-Tuition Scholarship, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Your Full-Tuition Scholarship application also serves as your Scholarship Day registration.

If you don't meet the Award Criteria below, register for and make plans to attend Scholarship Competion  for other great scholarship opportunities

Award Criteria

“Full-tuition Scholarship” is defined as tuition and fees for one year ($32,280 tuition and fees for Fall 2024/Spring 2025) minus all need-based, gift awards, including Pell Grants, NC NBS, and other state and federal financial aid grants.

Additional scholarships provided by Brevard College are included in the Full-tuition Scholarship. For example, the Full-tuition Scholarship recipient can participate in IWIL, Honors, Drumline, and the Fine Arts, yet they will not receive additional awards.

The Full-tuition Scholarship also replaces the Merit Scholarship, or Fine Arts Scholarship, if applicable. The Full-tuition Scholarship also replaces additional Brevard College financial aid programs, including Early Enrollment Fee Grants, need-based institutional grants, Graduation Grants, and other Scholarship Competition awards. Loans and outside scholarships, including work-study, are not included in the Full-tuition Scholarship calculation.

Brevard College will not consider athletics leadership, ability, participation, or performance as a criterion in the formulation of any financial aid award or financial aid package.

Recipients of the Full-Tuition Scholarship must live on campus as a residential student.  

Brevard College will also require Full-tuition Scholarship winners to participate in admissions related events including student panels. The Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid will check on the academic progress for all Full-tuition Scholarship recipients to ensure that the student is meeting expectations for academic performance and social engagement.


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