to Live Off Campus

Application to Live Off Campus

Greetings from the Housing Office. Please take 5 - 10 minutes to complete this Request form.

For new students enrolling at Brevard College, all requests will be processed by May 31st (for Fall semester) or December 30th (for Spring semester). For requests submitted after the specified dates, the Housing Office will strive to process these requests within a reasonable time period by or before the start of the applicable semester. If you believe you will qualify based on the criteria contained in this form, please contact the Business & Finance Office and the Financial Aid Office for an estimate of how your costs of attendance and financial aid package may change upon approval.

For returning students, requests are due by April 5th (for Fall) or September 15th (for Spring). Late requests will be considered for the following applicable semester (e.g., a late Fall application will be considered for the Spring).

Thank you again for your submission.
-Office of Housing and Residence Life

Request to Live Off Campus Application
Please check all that apply:
Mandatory On-Campus Living Policy
Brevard College believes that an important part of a student’s education is achieved within the group living atmosphere maintained in residence hall life on campus. Therefore, the College is intentionally a residential college, and all students (unless otherwise approved) are required to live in a College residence hall and have a meal plan.
I understand that Brevard College has a mandatory on-campus living policy.
Exemptions/Exceptions to the On-Campus Living Policy

A student may apply to live off campus if he/she qualifies under an enumerated exemption or exception (listed in next section). However, the application must be approved, in writing, by the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Therefore, a student should not make plans to live off campus unless and until written approval has been granted.

In order to live off-campus and not be billed for campus housing, I understand that I must qualify under an exemption or exception and receive written approval from the Housing office.
Term You Wish to Begin Living Off Campus
I am exempt because:
Eligibility Exception By checking the boxes below, I certify that I meet ALL FOUR Eligibility Exception requirements (all boxes must be checked), and that this information is subject to verification by the Housing Office.
Disability or Medical Need Exception To request an off-campus housing accommodations due to a disability or medical condition, please contact our Disability Services office ( for information about our accommodations process and to obtain copies of request forms (including a document entitled, “Documentation of Medical Need for Housing Accommodations”). Conditions such as social anxiety, mild depression, and cognitive impairment typically are not considered compelling reasons for approval to live off-campus.
Financial Treatment
Until a student qualifies under an exception and receives approval, in writing, to live off-campus, the student will still be treated as a residential student and will be billed for room/board. A student who is approved to live off-campus may have his/her financial aid readjusted. In general, this may mean that the student will see a DECREASE in financial aid. Conditions vary by student; thus, all potential applicants should speak with personnel in the Financial Aid Office before submitting a request to live off campus.
I understand that I will be billed for room/board unless I qualify under an exemption or exception AND receive written approval to live off campus.
I understand that I should contact the Financial Aid Office before submitting this application in order to understand how my financial aid award and costs of attendance will change, should I receive approval to live off-campus.


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