The Learning Experience of a Lifetime

Voice of the Rivers

The Learning Experience of a Lifetime


Since the first trip in 1997, Brevard’s Voice of the Rivers expedition has exemplified Brevard College’s commitment to experiential education. During this 3 week source-to-sea river expedition, 2 professors and 10 to 12 students will explore a river, its history and culture, and the concerns of the people who live on, work with, and depend on it. Participants of this interdisciplinary expedition develop leadership skills, self-reliance, teamwork and personal responsibility—all while earning academic credits for the learning experience of a lifetime.

Experiential Opportunities on “Voice of the Rivers”

VOR presents all kinds of exciting opportunities to any Brevard student. Here’s some of the ways this trip could positively impact you!


  • Experience and learn on a daily basis the start-to-finish process of a major outdoor expedition. Even if you’ve never camped before, you’ll come away from this trip with knowledge and practical experience in paddling, camping, navigation, organization, and geography - not to mention safety, self-reliance, and personal responsibility. You don’t have to be a WLEE major to go on VOR!
  • Travel all over the U.S.- and beyond! Some past Voice of the Rivers Expeditions include trips from the Brevard campus to New Orleans via the Tennessee, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers, from Henderson County to Charleston, SC, from Cashiers, NC to Savannah, GA, and even three months in Patagonia, Argentina paddling to the Rio Santa Cruz, Rio Limay, and Rio Negro rivers.
  • Earn academic credit hours for completing the expedition. This trip can satisfy some course requirements in any academic program – not to mention the personal satisfaction of completing a 3-week outdoor expedition!
  • Interact with students and professors that you wouldn’t normally get a chance to know. All types of students can go on this trip, from Psychology to Communications to Math. You’ll paddle, eat, sleep, study, and live with students and professors who are outside your social or academic “bubble.”
  • Gain valuable leadership skills. Students participating in the trip will have numerous opportunities to take initiative, learn responsibility, lead the group, and teach lessons or skills to other group members. 
  • See your discipline in a new light. Students from each major will work closely with academic advisors to learn how they can integrate their academic interests into the educational goals of the VOR trip. Students and professors participating in the trip have studied subjects like civil war medicine, leadership, survival literature, and more.
  • Experience the journey of a lifetime. Voice of the Rivers is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The relationships you develop and the lessons you learn – both practical and academic – will impact you for the rest of your life. This trip will challenge you to test your own boundaries and explore undiscovered capabilities and gifts while increasing your social and ecological awareness.