Alumna Profile: Abbi Bagwell

Abbi Bagwell holding fish

abbi-2For Abbi Bagwell, Brevard’s small classes, location and excellent professors were the perfect formula for the life she’s carved out for herself. As the second-in-command at Flymen Fishing Company, Abbi must ask the tough questions, voice her opinion, and thrive within a team environment – all skills she says she gained from her time at BC.
She says of her liberal arts degree: “It helped me adapt to the versatility of this job and allowed me to have an open mind in and outside the workplace.” One of her favorite aspects of the classroom was having professors who allowed her to speak freely.
“This sometimes got me into a little bit of trouble,” Abbi admits. “But it also allowed me to keep an open mind.”

Abbi Bagwell, ‘12
From: Mooresville, NC
Major: Business and Organizational Leadership
Flymen Fishing Company, Director of Operations