Brevard College presents “Organ Music Through the Jewish Year”


Dr. Vance Reese, Associate Professor of Music, will present a program of music, “Organ Music Through the Jewish Year,” on the Kirkpatrick-Coleman pipe organ in the Scott Concert Hall of the Porter Center at 3 p.m. on January 21. Admission is free, and all are welcome.

The music will feature works by traditional Jewish composers ranging from the mid-19th century to the present century. Mr. Norm Bossert, the founder of the Brevard Jewish Community, will also provide narration to briefly describe the nature of the holidays. The event will also feature works from unusual sources: Handel, a Nigerian-born composer, and a World War II French Resistance fighter. The program will last about an hour and fifteen minutes.

The Kirkpatrick-Coleman organ, with its three manuals, ornate façade, woodwork, and 3,500 pipes, is among the finest in Western North Carolina. Mr. Bossert, also a board member of the Center for Spiritual Wisdom, has worked in public education for more than 50 years, and is currently serving part-time as an assistant principal at Haw Creek Elementary School in Buncombe County. Dr. Reese, Associate Professor of Music at Brevard College, is active not only as an organist but also as a cantor, collaborative pianist, and concert bassist.

Dr. Reese and Mr. Bossert will field questions after the program in the Francis Pavilion.

Sunday’s concert is free and open to the public. For more information, contact Dr. Vance Reese at 828.641.0354.