Brevard College Women in Leadership Welcome Community to an Event for Dogs on April 2


The Institute for Women in Leadership (IWIL) of Brevard College is hosting a  “Purple for a Purpose” event on April 2nd to promote responsible pet ownership and support local initiatives for animal services. The event is open to the public and will take place on the Brevard College academic quad from 3:30 to 5:30 pm with crafts, a photo booth, “pup cups” and dog pools.

Purple is the color for animal abuse awareness and was the inspiration behind naming the event.

“We want people to walk away knowing more about animal abuse rates, animal shelter rates and how they can help,” said sophomore IWIL student Cassidy Hutto. “We want them to know that adoption is a good option, and we want to provide overall animal owner resources.”

IWIL is a co-curricular learning program that helps women gain confidence in their leadership abilities by providing opportunities through service learning programs. IWIL embodies the College’s motto, “Learn in Order to Serve,” through service projects on and off campus. Prospective BC students apply and receive a scholarship for each year in the program.

“I think we are really passionate about our community and passionate about supporting women,” said sophomore IWIL student Grace Blanton. “We pride ourselves on our community service and really empowering people.”

The “Purple for a Purpose” event is the culmination of the group’s official course work during their second year in the leadership program. During the fall semester, the second year cohort focused on shared decision making and group facilitation through the selection and development of a project. Now in their spring semester, the students are implementing the project they developed. The group works with the College campus and local community to share more information through public presentations, host mini-event nights, and reflect on the leadership skills gained during the process.

IWIL is an example of BC’s mission to provide an experiential education experience. The program emphasizes shared leadership, giving participants practical experience as they work through creating an intentional community that: meets the challenges of group dynamics, fosters finding and listening to every voice, and provokes meaningful reflections. Course work, special IWIL presentations, and travel programs help IWIL students develop additional skills that will serve them in the job market as well as networking opportunities that will enable them to become trustworthy citizens and valued professionals.

“This experience has provided so much practice to develop my leadership, public speaking and interviewing skills,” reflected sophomore IWIL student Emily Denaga, who plans to use debrief information from the April 2nd event to prepare for future leadership opportunities.

“And it has taught me that event planning is tough!” chimed in Blanton.

“Purple for a Purpose” is specifically designed for canine friends, but information for other pet owners will also be available. And after the BC Tornados baseball home game at 1:00 pm, dogs will be welcomed onto the baseball field to play! Pet owners must check in at the IWIL registration table to receive entrance bands before using the field.