It’s More Than Just a Scholarship


Wanda Woosley Moser, Class of 1945, and Mike Kinne, Class of 1991, became friends years after the initial connection – a scholarship at Brevard College

Mike Kinne remembers the day he received the Wanda Woosley Moser Endowed Scholarship.

“At 18 years old, my confidence was low,” said Mike. “I was shocked that someone would bet on me, especially a stranger.” Mike never got the chance to meet his scholarship donor until thirty years later during a Brevard College homecoming event.

In 2021, Mike decided to attend his Alma Mater’s homecoming for a friend who was being inducted into the Brevard College Athletics Hall of Fame. Before the Athletics Hall of Fame honors, the College announced the new inductees for the Gallery of Distinguished Alumni and Faculty/ Staff. When the first name was called, Mike instantly remembered that individual. Wanda Woosley Moser, Class of 1945, was Mike’s scholarship donor. In awe, Mike sat calmly through the rest of the ceremony, trying to think about what to say to Wanda.

After the ceremony, Mike tried to approach Wanda, but she was surrounded by family and friends congratulating her. Mike was on the way to his car when something stopped him. He thought, “If I don’t say something to her now, then I probably will never get the chance to do so.” Mike went back inside to thank Wanda for her support thirty years ago, and their friendship immediately began.

“My relationship with Mike is amazing. Ever since we first met, we have been friends. He has a great personality and charisma, so I don’t take any credit for him succeeding at Brevard College and in life,” said Wanda.

“I look for any excuse to go to Brevard now just to visit Wanda,” stated Mike when asked about their relationship. “We’ve been disconnected for thirty years, but I have probably visited her thirty times in the past year or so. She means so much to me. Wanda has helped me realize what I want to continue doing: spending more time with my wife and traveling, continuing my career in healthcare but focusing more on helping people develop in the field, and wanting to give back to Brevard College.”

When asked what he would say to students who can connect with their donors today, Mike said, “Don’t let time keep going; connect with your donors now. It’s an opportunity to have a friend and mentor on your team for life.”

After moving to the town years ago, Wanda and her late husband, Glenn, reconnected with Brevard College. During Wanda’s time at BC from 1943 to 1945, she befriended Mrs. Grace Munro Roy, one of her teachers. When moving back to Brevard, Wanda knew she wanted to create a scholarship to honor her friend and mentor, Grace. Wanda established the Grace Munro Endowed Scholarship in 1986 and the Wanda Woosley Moser Endowed Scholarship in 1987.

Today, Wanda has helped many Brevard College students receive their degrees from BC and will continue doing so with her two scholarships, mentorship, and friendship.

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