Staff Profile: Dr. Mike Leamy


My name is Mike Leamy and I am the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs for Online Learning here at Brevard College. I came to Brevard with more than twenty years of experience in higher education as both faculty and an administrator. My previous position was as a Vice President and Dean of a Professional Studies division.   

I joined the College in the late Spring of 2023 and began immediately working on a proposal for the College to offer an Online MBA program. Working with our amazing faculty and leadership here at the College we were able to seek and receive approval from our accrediting body at SACS-COC over the summer and are currently in our first semester of course offerings where we have twelve students enrolled in the program. All but one of our current students is a Brevard alumni. This program was built with our mission in mind and is focuses on a continued experiential approach to learning at the graduate level. Learners are challenged to solve real-world problems that are student-centric both personally and professionally. Students will interact and collaborate with one another under the guidance of instructors who are working practitioners with a proven track record of teaching in MBA programs.  

In addition to our current students, we have roughly a dozen students that have been accepted into the program and are looking to start the Brevard MBA in the fall. We will continue to explore additional opportunities that meet the needs of our students as we move forward here in online learning.  

Personally, I am married with two teenage boys. My family and I spent two weeks in Brevard this summer and absolutely fell in love with the College and the surrounding area. Although I currently live in Massachusetts and travel to Brevard regularly, we have another family trip planned for this summer and both my boys have Brevard on their short list of colleges they would like to attend. I am always happy to talk about the MBA and all of our online offerings.