Student Teacher Awarded A Prestigious Grant


Kat Kramer was recently recognized as the recipient of the Dogwood Trust grant to support aspiring educators, sponsored by WRESA (Western Region Education Service Alliance). Kramer is currently a student teacher in Transylvania County.

The money is to further the recipient’s academic and professional journey. Kramer was recognized for her “dedication, passion, and potential in the field of education.” She was nominated by Brian Weaver, Assistant Superintendent of Transylvania County,  who helps place student teachers from all local colleges/universities in our local schools.

“This grant signifies not only your commitment to your own professional growth but also your dedication to the betterment of education in our community,” describes WRESA.

“This scholarship is an absolute honor, and I am so thankful to everyone who has supported me to get here,” reflected Kramer. “For the past few years, I’ve struggled to make ends meet as I come from a family who live on a lower income. My mother has done her absolute best to help support me when she could, but even then, I was picking up 3 jobs at a time while maintaining my academics.”

Said Dr. Betsy Burrows, Director of Teacher Education at Brevard College, “Brevard College teachers are educated to know their content area, to be student-centered and bring experiential and project-based learning and the joy of learning  into their K-12 classrooms. Kat has shown tremendous growth as a teacher and the award is well-deserved.”

Currently, 25 Brevard College graduates with teaching licenses are working in Transylvania County, with an additional 16 in Henderson County and 11 in Buncombe County.

“The biggest difference the WRESA scholarship has had on my career planning is probably my decision on where I should take root,” said Kramer. “I was going back and forth on where I could pick up my first job. With this scholarship, I have a bit more hope in staying in not just North Carolina, but Transylvania County, which I have grown to love.”