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Theatre Audition Dates

  • Saturday, May 25 at the Scholarship Competition
  • If May 25 doesn't fit your schedule, please contact Katie Chambers and arrange an audition date and time.

Theatre Audition / Design Portfolio Presentation Application

To prepare for your Theatre audition/ portfolio review, please complete the following:

  • Actors
    • Prepare two contrasting monologues - the monologues should be around 45-90 seconds each - one should be classical (ex. Shakespeare, Moliere, etc.) and one should be contemporary (written 1950 - present). 
    • You may also prepare an optional song to perform, but there will not be an accompanist, so please have recorded music or be prepared to sing a cappella.
  • Musical Theatre Performance
    • Prepare a 90 second monologue and a Musical Theatre song that best represent you and your work.  For the song, an accompanist can be provided (bring printed sheet music in the correct key) or you can provide an accompanying recorded track file to sing to.  
  • Design/ Tech
    • Assemble a portfolio that shows the faculty examples of your best work (does not have to be specifically theatre related - we want to talk about how the skills you have are applicable to your success in the theatre).  Examples include artwork, programs, pictures from shows you have worked on, papers you have written, etc.


Feel free to contact Andrea Boccanfuso (she/her), Coordinator of Theatre, with any questions you may have. You can reach Andrea at boccanam@brevard.edu. 

Theatre Audition/ Design Portfolio Presentation Form


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