"Learn in Order to Serve" has been the Brevard College motto for over 50 years. Today, our students are still committed to investing their time through volunteerism. This concept is at the core of those who call Brevard College home. As friends and alumni, you can volunteer and give back to the greater good at Brevard.


Friends of Brevard College have an opportunity to volunteer through the Brevard College Community Council. The mission of the BCCC is to support the goals of Brevard College through volunteerism, personal involvement, and facilitation of fundraising. The Council members serve as advocates for Brevard College and as liaisons between the community, the President, and the Trustees. Each member promotes Brevard College and its good works in the community, works to generate support for the College, and helps to facilitate good relations and collaborative relationships that help Brevard College thrive. 

Membership into the BCCC is by appointment. For more information, contact Katherine Parnell.


Alumni can get involved on many levels at Brevard College by participating as a Board member of the Brevard College Alumni Association (BCAA), serving on a BCAA committee, hosting alumni socials and network opportunities. 

Don’t live in Brevard? That’s okay! We are starting several programs that you can be involved in wherever you are. For more information, contact David Borman at


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