Brevard College faculty are doing important work for global conversation!


Jordan Kuck, PhD, is Associate Professor of History, Director of the Honors Program and Interim Chair of the Division of Humanities at Brevard College. He recently wrote a guest essay on the war in Ukraine for the Council of European Studies. It has now been published.

Dr. Kuck teaches courses in modern European and world history. In particular, his courses focus on Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, as well as thematic offerings in world history. Dr. Kuck’s research centers on interwar Latvia and the transnational fascist movement in Europe that emerged between the world wars. In his free time, Dr. Kuck enjoys exploring the North Carolina wilderness with his wife and two children. Education: Ph.D., University of Tennessee; M.A., University of Nebraska; B.A., University of Nebraska

The Brevard College History program is designed to help students develop the professional skills needed to excel, whether as a historian or in another profession. Alumni of this program have gone on to careers in law, business, real estate, marketing, administration, and more, while others have become teachers, archivists, and museum curators.