Brigadier General Hoyal B. Kye, `51, Continues to Reach New Heights


Brigadier General Hoyal B. Kye `51 is no stranger to taking a leap of faith, whether it’s for work or pleasure. Growing up in Tobaccoville, North Carolina, Hoyal always wanted to fly airplanes. It wasn’t until he got to Brevard College in 1950 that he purchased his very own aircraft, a two-seater Piper J-3 Cub. The editor wrote in the March 10, 1951 edition of The Clarion, “That low-flying airplane which you often see over the campus is piloted no other than HOYAL KYE. Do you have passenger service, HOYAL?”

During his time at BC, Hoyal worked hard to support himself through school and purchase his airplane. Hoyal worked for Micy’s Laundry on campus, shined shoes, and even patrolled campus at night. “I loved Brevard College because of the religious atmosphere, and being a country boy, everyone on campus was so nice to me. The college also taught me how to be a better man and to go out in the world to achieve my goals. Brevard College was a great stepping stone for me.”

After graduating from Brevard College in 1951, Hoyal certainly went out and achieved his goals. Before joining the U.S. Air Force Aviation Cadet program, Hoyal taught the eighth grade for 1 year prior to reporting for the U.S. Air Force Aviation Cadet Program. Hoyal earned his engineering degree from Clemson University. Hoyal then completed Squadron Officer’s School, Air Command and Staff College, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, and Brigadier General Officer’s School. From there, Hoyal would serve 35 years in the Air Force and the Air National Guard and accumulate over 7,000 hours of flying time as a command pilot.

Even after his accomplished career, Hoyal was determined to complete another goal – to skydive. “I always wanted to jump out of an airplane,” stated Hoyal. “I achieved my goal at age 88, and I’ve been skydiving since. My next jump will be on my 93rd birthday this September.” Now, Hoyal plans to break the world record for most skydives for an individual in their 90s. “Make sure that you want to achieve your goal, and don’t give up until you do,” stated Hoyal after being asked what he would say to his fellow Brevard College alumni.

Thank you, Hoyal, for embodying Brevard College’s motto of “learn in order to serve.”