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Major in History for Professional Skills

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A major in History will prepare you for any career field. The program focuses on professional skills that employers and graduate schools want.

By the Numbers:


Of top skills employers want are part of a History degree:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Organization
  • Processing information
  • Analysis of quantitative data
  • Proficiency with computer software
  • Research and written reports

Of History majors

Go on to work in Education, Management, Law, Sales, Business, Entertainment, & Social Services. 


of History majors

Attain advanced degrees, including Master’s, Juris Doctor (JD), and PhD. 

3.1 %

The unemployment rate among those who hold a degree in History is 3.1% below the national average.


One national study of History majors found that half rose to senior management positions within 10 years of entering a profession.


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About the History Program

What you'll experience as a History major at Brevard College:

  • Cutting edge classes and powerful content that prepares you for life in a globalized world.
  • Learn the life-changing skills of deliberation, decision-making, and debate through theme-related History courses, such as The History of Stuff and Wilderness in American Life. 
  • Create an original senior project that opens doors to jobs and graduate school. Engage in original primary research, collaborate with professors, present your research to the campus, and write a research paper in a yearlong process. Recent Examples:
    • Cleopatra Before Cleopatra: The Reign of Arsinoe II in the Macedonian Egyptian Empire, 300-268 BCE
    • Game Changers: Small Victories That Altered the Course of World War
    • From Preservation to Tourism: The Transformation of Capitol Reef National Park
    • Massacre in Orangeburg: Violence and the Student Movement of 1968
    • Was Richard Nixon and Environmentalist? An Analysis of His Response to the Santa Barbara Oil Spill
    • The First Modern Revolutionaries from the English Civil War:  John Lilburne, George Fox, and James Nayler
    • The Long Red Arm of Communism: How the Soviet Union and China Changed the Vietnam War
    • Which Side Are You On? How a Regional Protest Song became an Expression of Internal Exploitation
    • How a Forgotten Pandemic Impacted the Rural Piedmont of North Carolina
    • Winter with Lewis and Clark: Life Among the  Mandan and Clatsop Tribes
    • Race and Education in Brevard, North Carolina: the Disconnect Between the African-American Community and Brevard College
    • Thousands of Souls Have Been Called to Sudden Judgement:' A Study of Soldiers and Letter Writing in the Civil War
  • Refine the skills that are in top demand in the job market:  
    • Communication
    • Teamwork
    •  Making decisions and solving problems
    •  Planning, organizing, and prioritizing
    •  Obtaining and processing information
    •  Analyzing quantitative data
    •  Using computer software
    •  Creating and editing written reports
  • Network with outside experts as part of an experiential education. From historians, lawyers, and diplomats to museum directors and business leaders, experiential conversations with outside experts facilitate learning and networking.
  • Explore careers in museum studies, library science, digital humanities, and law through internships. Recent Brevard students have interned at Great Smoky Mountains Association, AAUW, the Veterans Museum of the Carolinas, Dogwood Alliance, Transylvania County Library, the Smith-McDowell House, the Allison Deaver House, and North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.
  • Join Pastimes (the Brevard College History Club), visit historic sites, and host Trivia Night on campus 
  • Make it a double! Double majors at Brevard College have created unique projects in combination with Criminal Justice, English, Math, Art History, Psychology, and Environmental Studies.

History opens a world of possibilities for your career.

According to federal records, History majors enter six major fields (77% of all graduates) and typically rise to the top of the career they choose.

Brevard College graduates have entered all of the following:

Education: Professor, Teacher, Archivist, Librarian, Trainer

Management: Account Executive, Sales Representative, Marketing Director

Law: Lawyer, Paralegal, Political Campaign Manager

Business: Sales Representative, Administrative Assistant, Construction Supervisor, Project Manager 

Arts and Entertainment:  Museum Curator, Historic Site Supervisor, Education Coordinator, Art Museum Curator

Community and Social Services: Social Worker, Income Maintenance Caseworker, Activities Coordinator

In the words of Toni...

College was such an eye-opening experience for me. Meeting different people, experiencing new cultures and ways of life. BC helped me hone my public speaking style. This was critical, as I went on to get a Masters's degree in Museum Studies. I currently work as the Senior Registrar & Director of Collections at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. 

In the words of Stepheny...

Brevard College, and the History Department specifically, really set me on my current professional path. Communication skills, both written and oral, refined at Brevard have also been imperative to my work. I am currently on the Innovation and Learning Team at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, North Carolina. In my role, I manage school and community programs with a focus on social justice and community organizing.

In the words of Matthew...

I am a Project Manager for Sentry Electrical Group doing electrical installation of new construction wind turbines. I started in wind in 2008, pretty early in the industry and then got with my current company in 2009 and moved up to site superintendent quickly. In 2020, I moved into the PM role, and I’ve done projects all over the country, and have now been to every state except for Alaska. Some of my favorite places have been Palm Springs, California, western Massachusetts, coastal Maine, and Walla Walla, Washington. 

In the words of Jackson...

Of the skills I developed as a History major, the ability to critically examine sources and evidence is something I use on a daily basis as a law student. I am currently attending law school at the University of South Carolina. Prior to beginning law school, I worked as an 8th grade math teacher in Columbia, SC.  Majoring in History provided me with a useful lens to help me understand the many complex perspectives and issues that we face in today’s world. 

In the words of Kortney...

I loved my time at Brevard College. The History professors and Education professors changed the trajectory of my life. They made me believe that I had good ideas worth sharing with others. They continue to invest in my life now as an adult and they are some of my dearest mentors. After a few years as a high school Social Studies teacher, I got my MSW and began working as a school social worker. I work for inclusive education and support students with IEPs across multiple schools in our district. My job is to remove barriers for students, families, and teachers to help students access a good education.  

In the words of Trey...

Currently, I am a 7th-grade ELA/Social Studies teacher at Rosman Middle School. I also have been working on a research project about the Pisgah Astronomical Research  Institute, 1981-1995.   I was very well-prepared by Brevard College in pedagogy strategies, technology, and class management skills. I gained a wide range of historical content to learn, which has been useful because I have taught both World and US history.  The research skills I developed at Brevard College have been beneficial as well. With all this said, the most impactful skill I learned at Brevard was to never stop learning and expanding one's horizons. I feel that has been ingrained in me for life.

You'll receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History. You can choose to pair your History degree with a grades 9-12 Social Studies Teacher Licensure or pursue a Pre-Law minor. Minors in History and Social Sciences are also available. History is a common double major at Brevard.

"I highly recommend Brevard for the opportunity to expand your thinking, enlighten your experience and to grow as a person."

- Cynthia 
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