Alumna Profile: Bianca Mitchell

student painting mural
bianca-2Beyond Pretty Pictures: Serving Her Community
Bianca Mitchell, ‘03
Director of Real Estate Operations/Broker,
Lake Toxaway Company
Alumna: Art
Belmont, NC

Bianca Mitchell came to BC two years into her college career on the heels of the tragic loss of her father and stepmother. The experience ignited a desire in her to understand how to answer the deeper questions in life, and she says she felt BC’s mission and philosophy was the perfect place to explore such questions.“My professors at BC immediately answered my yearning for more self-examination in my studies and consistently challenged me to grow,” Bianca says.During her time at Brevard, Bianca found family and pride in her small community. She revels in the unconventional ideologies her art professors challenged her to discover not only within her art, but also inside of herself.  She’ll be the first to tell you that on paper, “Art Major” does not equal “Real Estate Manager,” however, she says she was taught to articulate, write, work collaboratively, and solve problems creatively.

“I was asked to move beyond merely making pretty pictures,” Bianca says. “My professors demanded that I look inward and find my voice, my truth, and project that sense of truth through my art.”

For Bianca, serving her college community didn’t stop at graduation. She serves as a member of the Friends of Fine Arts committee and frequently donates her artwork to help raise funds for the College.

As for her 9 to 5 job, she’s found a pretty good gig: “I am passionate about what I do, and there are more days than not when I leap out of bed excited to hit the road to begin my work day.”