Alumni Spotlight: Christina Bailey

Christina Bailey receives award from President Joyce

Christina Bailey receives award from President Joyce

“I wouldn’t be here without Brevard College.”

Christina Bailey is the CEO of Folium Medical, a medical supply company, and she’s legally blind. Her experiences navigating the medical system and witnessing her mother’s medical debt inspired her to revolutionize the way medical supplies are sold. 

After graduating with Honors from Brevard College in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Organizational Leadership and a minor in Art, Christina moved to St. Petersburg, FL to be near family. She knew from personal experience the medical disparity in rural areas and then realized the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the medical supply industry. In order to respond to these concerns, Christina wanted to do something to help. 

She met her business partner in October 2020 and they launched Folium Medical in February 2021. Florida was an ideal choice due to tax rates and important benefits for employees. The company is currently pending an investment from Wells Fargo and works with small colleges in rural Mississippi and Alabama, among other organizations, to provide medical supplies at a lower cost. 

Christina also founded a non-profit organization, Low Vision Living which educates children on accepting others with disabilities and building cooperation between parents, teachers, and disabled children. Her next speaking engagement is in Lenoir County, NC where she has organized a day of encouragement for educators teaching children with disabilities. 

Christina’s fond memories of Brevard College include joining President Joyce and wife Lynne at their home for readings of The Night Before Christmas to celebrate the holidays. Retired BORG professor, Dr. Barbara Boerner, was her greatest inspiration. Christina took every class she taught in order to learn all she could from the professor’s incredible career in business. Christina modeled her own career on what she learned from Dr. Boerner and she explains, “I utilize what I learned at Brevard College every day.”