Brevard College’s favorite exam week tradition


By Sam Hipp

A Brevard College Final Exam Week can never fully kick off without an overabundance of pancakes complemented by mountains of toppings. This year’s was no exception.

As is standard for the beginning of Pancake Break, the doors were pressed by a ravenous horde of students who craved pancakes at 10pm to the backdrop of festive Christmas music. As soon as the doors were opened, the students were greeted by faculty and staff who handed out pancakes on eco-friendly, biodegradable paper plates with wooden forks.

Each student was also presented with a raffle ticket upon entrance for that events prize giveaway. Among the prizes given out to students were seventeen gift cards to various businesses including Amazon, Subway, Walmart, Ingles, and our campus bookstore.

The cafeteria was packed with students who were delighting in this well-deserved break which provided a brief yet fun and filling distraction from studying for finals. This will give the students that needed push to get through the remainder of finals week and finish this semester.