Brevard College Announces 2022-2023 Academic Honors and Awards

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Brevard College has announced its series of academic honors and awards for the 2022-2023 academic year. Awards were given throughout the month of April with awards ceremonies for each department.

Criminal Justice Award Recipients

Outstanding Major Award in Criminal Justice – Anthony Martino

Outstanding Leadership in Criminal Justice – Nisa Rosales

Citizenship Award in Criminal Justice – Damon Hewitt

Promise in the Field of Criminal Justice – Joshua Rankin

Promise in the Field of Criminal Justice – Tayla Hutchings

Theatre Program Award Recipients

Highest Grade Point Average:

Freshman – Mickey Lasco

Sophomore – Naomi Firebaugh

Junior – Anna Ervin

Senior – Sarah Hajkowski

Newcomer’s Award – Roxxie Petryshak

Ensemble Award – Grace Dempsey

Excellence in Collaboration – Patrick Miller

Personal Growth Award – Anna Ervin

Excellence in Initiative – Sarah Hajkowski

Personal Responsibility Award – Taylor Sparrow

Rakeem Sweezy Award (Student Voted Inspiring Colleague) – Grace Dempsey

Outstanding Theatre Major – Sierethene Chepes

Art Program Award Recipients

Highest Grade Point Average:

Freshman – Mia Diaz

Sophomore – Annette Peacock

Junior – Julia Lusk

Senior – Sydney Raber

Outstanding Art Awards:

Digital Art – Kenz Schinsky

Photography – Mitchell Yoder

Painting & Drawing – Jules Lusk & Nicole Bradbury

Sculpture – Sydney Raber

Foundations Year – Ren Schroeder

Art Advancement Awards:

Digital Media – Mitchell Yoder

Time Based Media – Gwyn Jennings

Photography – Gunnar Ensign

Painting & Drawing – Alison Holland

Sculpture – Shay Rose

Foundations – Annie Peacock

Outstanding Art Major – Gwyn Jennings

Music Program Award Recipients

Highest Grade Point Average:

Freshman – Lyric Contarino

Sophomore – Gabby Lujon

Junior – Emme Griffith, Jonas McCanless & Kayleigh Miller

Senior – Ann Marie Bates

Excellence in Music Theory – Emme Griffith

Excellence in Music History – Ann Marie Bates

Outstanding First Year Student – Hannah Sonnenberg

Peer Inspiration Award – Ishmeal Parsons

Choral Ensemble Award – Tamara Kuykendall

Instrumental Ensemble Award – Jonas McCanless

Music Ambassador Award – Ishmeal Parsons & Hannah Sonnenberg

Outstanding Music Major – Ann Marie Bates

Business & Organizational Leadership (BORG) Award Recipients

Outstanding Major Award in BORG – Bethany Bryan

Ray Fisher Leadership Award – Brett Burchett & Quincy Carter

Mount Pisgah Award – Parker Moore

Sustainable Leadership Award – Gabriella Galvan & Reece Rubio

Grace Roy Award – Otis Kahar & Pietro Moratelli

Dr. B. Barbara Boerner Emerging Leadership Scholarship Award – Maggie Cox & Chyna Pouncey

Sidney J. Gunst Jr. Award in BORG – Jackson Betsill & Weston Coop

Psychology Award Recipients

Outstanding Major Award in Psychology – Paige Lewis

Outstanding Service to Psi Chi – Vanitas Hamilton

Citizenship Award in Psychology – Alydia Monahan

Promise in the Field of Psychology – Elizabeth Weather

Rising Star in Psychology – Chloe Banner

Awards for Service to The Clarion

Editors-in-Chief of the Clarion – Anna Ervin & Caroline Hoy

Clarion Staff:

Savannah Anderson, Aaron Butts, Isaiah Collison,

Oreo Ellis, and Brady Penn

Awards for Service to Chiaroscuro

Editor-in-Chief of the Chiaroscuro – Caroline Hoy

Chiaroscuro Staff:

Aaron Butts, Rowe Davis, Baylee Hallas,

Jackson Inglis, Casey Jones, Sara Laboe,

Reagan Lane, Evey Perrey, and Riley Sinclair

Humanities Award Recipients

Outstanding Major Award in English – Sarah Hajkowski

Outstanding Major Award in History – Reagan Lane

Outstanding Major Award in Integrated Studies – Miles Schafer

Political Science Award Recipients

Best in American Government – Nicholas Clark

Best in Political Science – Dominic O’Brien

Best  in Political Philosophy – Daniel Shook

Physical Education Award Recipients

Outstanding Major Award in Physical Education & Recreation – Annsley Schwab

Wilderness Leadership & Experiential Education (WLEE) Award Recipients

Outstanding Major Award in WLEE – Alex Eaton & Shyvonne Potter

Writing Award Recipients

Best Writing Projects in First Year Writing – Savannah Anderson, Mia Diaz & Signe Thorsen

Best in Fiction – Casey Jones

Best in Poetry – Sarah Hajkowski & Gwyn Jennings

Best in Creative Nonfiction – Sara Laboe

Distinctive Voice Award – Isaiah Collison

Literature Award Recipients

Best in Literary Criticism – Jake Kassel

Best in Contemporary Shakespeare Studies – Journey Tyler

Best in Environmental Literature – Sara Barnes & Amelie Jones

Best in Science Fiction & Fantasy Studies – Gabriel Bernhard

Best in Gothic Literature – Evey Perrey & Sarah Hajkowski

History Award Recipients

Outstanding Major Award in History – Reagan Lane

Up-and-Coming Historian – Paige Edwards

Up-and-Coming  Historian – Dominic O’Brien

Outstanding Writer in History – Sara Barnes

Outstanding Critical Thinking in History – Daniel Shook

Environmental Studies Award Recipients

Outstanding Major Award in Environmental Studies – Trenten Anderson

Highest GPA in Environmental Science – Rachel Hughes

Biology Award Recipients

Outstanding Major Award in Biology – Christian Humphries

Citizenship Award in Biology – Alexis Blanchard

Highest GPA in Biology – Christian Humphries

Math Award Recipients

Outstanding Major Award in Math – Trystan Wallace

Citizenship Award in Math – Cassie Plemmons

Highest GPA in Math – Kevin Wright

Physics Award Recipients

Outstanding Major Award in Physics – Cassie Plemmons

Citizenship Award in Physics – Trystan Wallace

Highest GPA in Physics – Rachel Hughes

Health & Human Performance Award Recipients

Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Health & Human Performance – Brooke Garland

Outstanding Graduate Student in Health & Human Performance – Destiny Williams

Exercise Science Award Recipients

Outstanding Major Award in Exercise Science – Nina Machinowski

Citizenship Award in Exercise Science – Tyler Miranda

Highest GPA in Exercise Science – Davis Bryson, Brooke Garland, Haylea Layne Miller & Cesar Rodriguez

Health Science Studies Award Recipients

Outstanding Major Award in HSS – Jami Stewart

Citizenship Award in HSS – Lena Hatter

Highest GPA in Health Science Studies – Daniel Brew, Hannah Hersh, Sophia Ogawa & Calli Wells

Graduate Program Award Recipients

Health and Human Performance – Destiny Williams

Emergency Management – Destiny Hall

Student Leadership Award Recipients

Outstanding Work-Study – Sarah Hajkowski

Outstanding Resident Assistant – Kat Kramer

Outstanding Peer Leader – Quincy Carter

Outstanding Student Health Ambassador – Abbie Worsencroft

Community Service Award – Parker Moore

Community Service Award – Gabriella Galvan

Mary Elizabeth & G. Scott Francis Community Service Scholarship – Victoria Sylvester

Richard A. Adams Outstanding Ambassador (Admissions) – Reagan Lane

Outstanding Freshman – Hannah Achilles

Outstanding Sophomore – Haylea-Layne Miller

Outstanding Junior – Devon Brodmyer

Outstanding Senior – Giuseppe Capello Real

Rising Star – Julianna Willoughby

Above & Beyond – Abbie Worsencroft

Outstanding Student Organization of the Year – The Clarion

Outstanding Faculty – Jessie Tucker

Outstanding Staff – Angie Mascaro

Sweezy Award – Lena Hatter

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