Brevard College Sees Record Enrollment for Upcoming Year 


Brevard College welcomes a record number of students this academic year, according to college officials. With 774 full time undergraduate students enrolled for the Fall 2023 semester, this year’s numbers eclipse the previous enrollment record of 767 students set in the Fall of 2022.

Even with college enrollment dropping nation-wide, Brevard College has seen an upward trend in total enrollment over the past 8 years. This year’s freshman class is one of the top 5 largest classes in the College’s history, with over 321 new students.

“We are extremely proud of the record enrollment for the upcoming academic year, despite the many challenges the industry has been facing,” said Dr. Bradley J Andrews, president of Brevard College. “These numbers reflect the work of our outstanding faculty and staff, our increasing commitment to supporting student success, and increasing our retention and graduation rates.”

Brevard College’s strategic vision includes new student success initiatives that the College is launching this autumn. “We are committed to a transformational experience for our students while they are here, and to their success in their field after graduation,” said President Andrews.

Also note-worthy: the College’s average SAT score for incoming students has risen by over 10% in the past 10 years.

“The increase in academic profile plus a record enrollment in this climate is a significant point of pride for the Brevard College community,” said Dr. R. Chad Holt, vice president of Admissions and Financial Aid. “The enrollment numbers suggest that students and their families continue to value the benefit of the kind of experiential, liberal arts education that Brevard College provides.”

Classes for the Fall 2023 semester begin on Aug. 22nd.