Lifelong Brevard College Friends Rekindle Every Year at Homecoming

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As many alumni from Brevard College know, the friendships you make at BC last a lifetime. This statement couldn’t be truer for a few alumnae from the Classes of 1966 and 1967. With Homecoming on the horizon, September 22-24, these ladies are excited to attend their 12th Homecoming in a row altogether. 

Louise Causey Stroup ’66, Lynn Gold Ledford ’66, Mary Helen Clement ’66, Sarah Scrivener ’66, Claudia MacDonald Forstie `66, Sheri Mulligan Camp ’67, Jan Rozzelle Ballard ’67, Lynn Bearss ’67, and Jeanne Jensen Squitier ’67 all started their friendships at Brevard College. Some were closer during their time at BC, but years later, the entire group quickly developed a true sisterhood. 

“We were all students at BC when we first met. None of us knew each other before then. We were so young, so innocent, and so full of life. This was our first time away from home. We met new people, made friends, and made decisions. Those were our years of growing up and forming relationships for life. We shared late-night giggles and wondered about life. The beds were for conversation and cards. Beds were our sofas,” stated Louise Causey Stroup ’66. 

After graduation, the group separated for years as they started their own lives and families. That was until Sheri Mulligan Camp ’67 started reconnecting them one friend at a time. “So we began the reconnecting journey,” stated Stroup. Since then, the group has met for several reunions on campus and even had a few girls’ trips on the side. Lynn Bearss `67 has always been instrumental in finding the perfect houses for the group to stay all together. “We still stay up late at night but plan the next day’s activities and where we will eat ahead of time. WE are 50 years older and still sharing, still having a good time. What fun we had reconnecting after all those years as we talked about old memories and made new ones. Laughing at how we had aged, how our lives turned out, and just having such a good time.”

Last year, the group sadly lost a fellow sister, Mary Helen Clement ’66. They gathered at 2022’s Homecoming to honor her and put a beautiful painted rock in Kings Creek by the Porter Center in her memory. The group also awarded a deserving student at BC with $500 to further their studies in Mary’s honor. 

Not only do these alumnae come back home for Homecoming, but they also volunteer with the College and stay connected. “Brevard College means so much to me that my car drives there by itself,” stated Sheri Mulligan Camp ’67. “Being in Brevard, walking on the beautiful campus, being a member of the Alumni Board for six years, donating to the school, and helping out in any way I can brings me the highest pleasure.” 

The College is thrilled to welcome numerous alumni back to campus for Homecoming, September 22-24. Call your old BC friends, and begin the “reconnecting journey” like these alumnae did. You never know what can happen with a simple phone call.