The Gift of Experience


Brevard College is blessed with decades of alumni that understand the importance of paying forward the valuable learning experience they once had here. Numerous donations are received each year that aid our continual commitment to providing a unique and quality education for the next generation of leaders. If Brevard College has had a lasting, positive effect on your life, consider making a donation to ensure the legacy of the Brevard College experience.

How to Give

The scholarship program at Brevard College is maintained through the contributions of many alumni and friends of BC. Click here for a list of our endowed scholarships.

Brevard Annual Fund

Help address our greatest needs.

AAUW Endowed Scholarship

Advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.

Why I Give

Brevard’s donors share stories of their BC experience and why they choose to make generous donations. Share your own story here

Barb & Bo Hulsey, ’75 & ‘74

“As a student at Brevard College, I was helped financially. I feel it is important that I turn around and do the same for current students,” Barb said. “Because of Brevard College, I found my home.”

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Dick Gardner ‘69

“We aren’t state supported, so it is up to alumni and friends of Brevard College to help-out and maintain the tradition that has been to educate and develop the minds of our young people. Brevard College needs the help of all of us in order to maintain these principles.”

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Mason “Chip” Smith ’80

“Brevard College absolutely changed my life,” says Chip. “I discovered passions that I never knew I had, such as rock climbing. Thanks to Brevard College, I have two beautiful children – Isabel and Mason, IV – and was equipped with an education that prepared me to take over and run the family business, Mullen Publications.”

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Kim DeWitt ’97

“If you want a school that loves you, wants to nurture you, wants to support you and see you grow, this is the place you should be. I give back to Brevard College because I want to give people the opportunity to go to Brevard who otherwise would not be able to,” Kim said. “I believe in the College and what it stands for. The Brevard College experience is not replaceable, and I believe in how it has impacted my life and how it will impact others in the future.”

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Betty Willingham Davis ’55

“I give back because of the opportunity that Brevard College gave me,” said Betty. “I want to help give that opportunity to other students. Once you experience Brevard, there’s nothing else like it. Because of Brevard College, I was prepared – not only for more advanced studies, but for life.”

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Calvin Harrelson ’81

“Brevard College was so influential in shaping me as a person and has had such a significant influence on my life, character, and success in the working world that it is a no-brainer to give back,” says Calvin. “I can’t over-emphasize how important of a springboard BC was for me.”

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