Estate to Benefit Student Scholarships at Brevard College

Brevard College students walking past bell tower

Joyce Love Melton designated her entire estate to Brevard College to benefit student scholarships through the Loyalty Scholarship Fund (now called the Brevard Annual Fund). Joyce left this gift in memory of her mother, Ammie Zoe Wilson Melton and her uncle, Herschell Larry Wilson, both of whom attended the Brevard Institute.

The importance of an education was instilled in Joyce at a very young age by her mother, Ammie. Joyce’s mother often said “Attending Brevard Institute was the best thing that happened to me. It allowed me to go on to earn a further degree, which led to employment opportunities in the early 1900s when few women had such an education.”

Joyce lived in Shelby, North Carolina, where she cared for her brother with special needs. Though she lived a very modest life style, Joyce was able to support Brevard College with a small monthly gift for over ten years. “Joyce appreciated and valued the opportunities that a college education provides young people, and religiously made a monthly donation to support student scholarships at Brevard College, recalls Susan Cothern, Vice President for Philanthropic Development. “I would routinely see Joyce when traveling through Shelby, and always enjoyed spending time with such a gentle, sweet lady. I am humbled that she would leave her entire estate to Brevard College, knowing the sacrifices she made to support education.”

Joyce was truly a lifelong student. “Joyce often told me that she wished she lived close enough to Brevard College to audit classes and get to know the students and faculty here,” recalled Susan Cothern, Vice President for Philanthropic Development. She audited numerous classes at Gardner-Webb University and was a regular fixture on their campus.

Because of Joyce’s extreme generosity, many students will receive financial assistance to achieve the college education that Joyce valued so much. Their lives will forever be changed because of her compassion and philanthropy.

Brevard College President David Joyce said, “I never had the privilege of meeting Ms. Melton, but I understand that she was quite a lady. She was close to Susan Cothern for many years, and Susan has told me of Joyce’s passion for helping others obtain a college degree. For Ms. Melton to leave her entire estate to Brevard College is not only special and remarkable, it is a testament to the degree to which she believed in this institution and our ability to transform the lives of students through her gift. We are beyond appreciative.”

Joyce was a spiritual ladywho loved the lord and trusted in His guidance. A passage that Joyce loved, entitled I Hope You Dance, was distributed at her memorial service. Near the bottom of this passage it reads, “Dance together with God, trusting God to lead and to guide you through each season of your life.” Joyce genuinely lived her life that way.